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Our Most Common FAQs

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Can you work as a white label supplier, so we keep the relationship with our client?

We are happy to work with you in whichever way works best for you.  We can operate as part of your team, or as a subcontractor.  You can introduce us to your team as a specialist supplier, and we can even attend meetings if this helps

How do I know you will deliver, our client relationship is very important

We have worked with many agencies over the years, but in a freelance capacity and as a third-party supplier.  Every one of them has been very happy with the work we have delivered, and we have gone above and beyond to surprise and delight :-)  We can supply any references you require

How do you charge for your work?

We operate very transparently.  We charge a day rate for our team and if required we can pass on third-party costs transparently with an agreed mark-up to cover cashflow management etc.  We are open to working in any way which is mutually beneficial and keeps your finance and procurement teams happy

We just have a concept visual, can you deliver just from that?

Yes we can, and we like to work that way :-)  If you are a full-service agency that needs to deliver experiential as part of the overall marketing mix, we can take your creative concept and build a campaign around it.  We can deliver production, logistics, staffing, print and most other requirements

How are you different from an experiential agency?

Its horses for courses.  If you want a campaign developed from scratch including the strategy, the concept, multiple options and a high level of creative and strategic input with a full team behind it, we are probably not the right choice.  If you have a campaign that has been developed and needs delivering, then lets talk

How big is your team?

The team is as big as you need it to be.  We focus on delivery, and will build the team to suit your project.  This can include 3D artists, project managers, production managers, event managers, staffing specialists and many others.  We work with the best freelancers in the business

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